Wednesday, 10 June 2015

a fraction out of a hundred

Hello again! It feels as if it's been ages since I've last been here! How are you? How was exams and anything else going on in your lives? Now that we've got the niceties out the way lets talk about my absence (or absence of posts with a decent amount of thought put towards them). 

On my hiatus I was finished my gruesome highers and started sixth year of school. It's a terrifying feeling being in my last year of high school: we're so close to leaving which means I don't have to deal with the utter nonsense that comes with my school (i.e. bullying, stress and all that jazz) yet I don't want to leave because that means I have to start thinking more about the rest of my life. Fortunately, I made the right decision and choosing all creative subjects this year so I can at least cope somewhat for now. 

While I was away I realised there were a few dregs left from the post around style so I thought I may as well share them in a couple of blogs, so here you go (also as an added bonus enjoy my unnecessary reflections):
top - New Look, skirt - charity shop, sunglasses - Primark
Of course these photos were never going to be in the post because they were of me and I didn't want the post to be about me in the slightest (kinda strange considering this is my blog, oh well) but Nikki and Eve were adamant about involving me in the pictures. So I feel like I should post these up here anyway because I'd feel like it would be a bit of a waste.
I'm really glad how the post came out in the end, it's definitely my favourite blog post so far that I've done, mostly due to the effort that I put into it. I've certainly learned a lot from it, if not just from my wise friends but also from just making the post the amount of effort I want to put into this now and I feel incredibly lucky as I have a whole summer ahead of me to work on that.

Reflecting on the post itself has made me realise that I don't actually have a style. When buying clothes, I just see something I like and buy it. I guess I'm getting more into buying clothing from charity shops and vintage shops/events but I only really do as I see it to be more ethical than buying something straight from the high street and my purse prefers it more too. It may be that I don't see myself having a style simply because I'm at a stage where I'm changing constantly: one second I feel anxious the next I feel confident. Style in the end is a silent method of expression (well at least for me it is).

My advice for people who want find their own style is to think about their surroundings and what they wish to gain from it. Gaining a sense of style can do many things and you need to be aware of that. Sometimes the way you wish to dress may not be safe for you at this moment. Sometimes you might want to make an opinion heard. Clothing isn't only to be aesthetically pleasing, you can use it in whatever way you wish and that's why it's so incredibly exciting! (And yes I do know that I'm essentially paraphrasing what Eve and Nikki said, but it's so important!)
boots - Dr Marten
I want to be clear here, I'm not as out of proportion as it may look. Eve is simply a wee bit smaller than me and I was crouching.

See you next time with hopefully a lot more blogs and a lot more ideas!x

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